Meet the Teacher

Get to Know Our Rockstar Team!

Our goal is to create a bond with each child and family, to determine the best methods to help each child succeed. 

Amy Payne


I am excited to begin this journey and cannot wait to get to know your family! I have been in the childcare field for nearly 15 years in positions ranging from infant to after-school teacher, program manager for a national chain, a nanny, the owner and director of a very successful home daycare, and now as the Owner and Director of Mrs. Amy’s Adventures! I plan to create a bond with your child and family that can be hard to find at larger chain centers. I take pride in knowing each child feels safe and valued on an individual basis.

Alexandra Palacios

Assistant Director/Office Manager

Hey! Y'all can call me "Alex". I was born and raised in New York/New Jersey and moved to the great state of Texas a few years ago. I graduated from the New York Institute of Technology and dedicated my career to pediatrics, women’s health, and emergency medicine. I come from a huge family and my husband and I just recently welcomed our first baby girl. I absolutely love being a mama!

I’m grateful for this opportunity to get to know your family, and for the trust you have in us to care for your precious littles. I believe it’s never too early to start educating children, and they all have unique abilities to grow and learn when given a positive learning environment!

Ms. Michelle


Hello, my name is Michelle, and I'm the cook here at Mrs. Amy's Adventures! I'm from Florence, TX, and love being outdoors. I enjoy riding my horses, and hanging out with my grandkids. I enjoy cooking for the kiddos and seeing their smiling and welcoming faces everyday! 

Ms. Lilly

Curriculum Coordinator/ Classroom Float

I am Texas born, and have lived in Liberty Hill for most of my life. I am a teacher here at Mrs. Amy’s Adventures because I have a strong love for children of all ages, and a passion to help them learn and grow! I believe the children here benefit from our play-based program. We challenge each child’s cognitive skills and self-sufficiency. I recently completed the Child Development Associate Credential, and plan to apply my knowledge in the classroom while implimenting new ideas. This school has my full support, and I am excited to experience the expansion of the business, while continuing my education at Austin Community College.

Ms. Sydney

Nursery Teacher

I am undergoing a BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I have 4 sisters whom I've helped raise since I was 9 years old. One of my sisters is special needs and I also have experience in helping children with epilepsy. 

My long term goals are to graduate with honors and become a youth counselor. 

I believe that children thrive with social interactions and it helps them acheive their developmental milestones! 

Ms. Madelyn

Nursery Teacher

My name is Madelyn Bell. I graduated from Liberty Hill High School in May of 2023. I am currently taking online classes to earn my Nursing Degree. My goal is to become a pediatric nurse. I am a certified nursing assistant with many years of childcare experience. I love taking care of children and watching them grow into their own person.

Working for Mrs. Amy's will allow me to obtain more childcare and teaching experience to help me become the pediatric nurse I aspire to be. 

I believe children learn best through love and support. We as teachers are there to help support each child mentally and emotionally, but also to help make learning fun and entertaining! I want to promote a happy and fun environment to help boost their learning experience. 

Ms. Lauralyn

Infant Teacher

My name is Lauralyn. I'm from Shreveport, Louisiana. I grew up watching younger family members as well as family friends. I absolutely adore watching the littles! I am so excited to start my childcare journey here at Mrs. Amy's Adventures. My goal is to gain more experience in the child care field and acquire new skills I can utilise in the classroom. I believe that making sure each child is comfortable in the classroom is very important as well as helping the to learn and grow every day. 

Ms. Laynna

Infant Teacher

I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana and graduated from highschool in 2019. I've been working in childcare for the last two years and really enjoy it! My goal is to work a career that I love and to provide care to others that need it. I want to further my experience and knowledge in this field. My philosophy is that bond building is the most important part of childhood education. Having a good relationship with both the children and their families are the basic building blocks for creating a strong learning environment. I look forward to meeting everyone and developing that bond!

Ms. Chrissy


Ms. Breida

Toddler Teacher

My name is Breida, and I am in the toddler room! I graduated from Liberty Hill High in 2016 and am currently enrolled in Austin Community College majoring in Education. I’ve always enjoyed working with children and knew it would be something I wanted to make a career out of. 

My goal working here is to gain as much experience and learn as much as I can, turning every situation into a learning event for both myself and my students. I plan on incorporating Spanish to our toddler program to help expand the children’s communication skills. I believe in a play-based program because I have witnessed much success in children building their confidence, creativity, and social emotional skills while attending our school. I am so excited to be working with your child!

Ms. Gina

Toddler Teacher

Hi, my name is Gina Gamboa. I am from Snowflake Arizona. My family and I moved here beginning of August. I have a 6 year old little girl and a passion for working with kids. I have been working with children since 2015. My goals are to build roots with my family here in Texas and continue my journey in childcare. I believe it is so important for children to have play based learning where they can interact with toys and art each day and build on their skills.

Ms. Hanna

Preschool Teacher

Hello! I’m a born and raised Texan who loves working with children. I’m an artist and a huge dog lover. I played sports my whole life and I can honestly say this is the best team I have ever been a part of. I want to teach children to enjoy learning and know how fun it can be! It is never too early or too late to learn anything. My goal is to expand the little minds of children and help them reach their fullest potential. Children will always remember how someone made them feel, I want my students to feel like they are capable of great things, because they really are!

Ms. Kristen

Preschool Teacher

I am coming to Texas from South Dakota where my love of childcare began. I graduated high school in 2009 in Minnesota and went on to the Minnesota Army National Guard where I served for 10 years working with computer systems. My husband and I recently moved to Texas with our 8 year old and 5 year old sons. For the last 9 years I have worked in childcare where watching children grow and learn has brought me the most joy. 

My goal is to create an environment that is both safe and enriching for our children. I am passionate about children's social emotional development and so I strive to make learning fun and enjoyable for every child in my care.

I believe that children learn best through meaningful play. Each child is an individual with different needs and as an educator I will foster an environment that recognizes each child's strengths, abilities, needs and learning style. 

Ms. Ashley


Hello, my name is Ashley, I am originally from California and moved to Liberty Hill, TX about two years ago. I have 3-4 years of experience in childcare. I believe that making the family feel safe with their child in the classroom is very important. I am excited to get to know all the families and their little ones. I hope to bring my enthusiam into the classrooms and look forward to helping all of them learn each and every day.

My ultimate goal is to one day become a mother and to learn more about the early stages of childcare. I also want to be able to make lasting impressions on a child as they learn and grow. 

I believe that early childhood education is very important. When children are able to interact with other children and are able to make connections while learning is so great to witness. 

Ms. Meleny


My name is Meleny Silva, I am 19 years old and I am from Bertram, TX. I've lived there my whole life. I graduated in 2023 from Burnet High School and am currently attending Central Texas College, studying Psycology in hopes to become a child psychologist. I have about a year and half of experience working in childcare with special needs kids as well as babysitting experience throughout the years. 

My goal is to build a bond with the children and create a space where they feel safe and comfortable. I want to make a fun and safe environment for each and every child.

I believe that every child learns in their own way and at their own pace and as a teacher I want to help guide them to succeed.